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Big Ear, Inc


Founded in 2003, Big Ear Inc provides hearing protection services, including Marching Band Earplugs. Big Ear, Inc was formed with the mission of wiping out noise-induced hearing loss in our lifetime.

U.S. Marine Band Musician Enlistment Option Program
6th Marine Corps Division

The Musician Enlistment Option Program offers musicians the opportunity to bring their talents to bear in service of their country, to travel while performing domestically and internationally, to earn a free college education, and most importantly to earn the title United States Marine. | Discord Server

The Official Discord Server is a place to allow people from all the bands from South Carolina to talk about competitions and shows. Ran by staff members of SC Band Chat, baskitgiy and NEvana, It has grown to over 100 members from across the state, and we highly encourage students to check it out to interact with people from other bands, and participate in community events.