2017 Marching Season

Date Event
2017-09-16 7:00 AMBands of America Powder Springs Regional Prelims
2017-09-16 6:00 PMBands of America Powder Springs Regional Finals
2017-09-23Gus Moody Tournament of Bands
2017-09-23Mustang Classic
2017-09-23White Knoll Silver Showcase
2017-09-236th Annual Sandhills Classic
2017-09-23Boiling Springs Festival of Bands
2017-09-23 7:00 PMOlde English Festival of Bands Finals
2017-09-23 7:00 AMOlde English Festival of Bands Prelims
2017-09-30River Bluff HS Swamp Classic
2017-09-30Walterboro Band Classic
2017-09-30Dr. Ray Sowell Tournament of Bands
2017-09-30Henry Laurens Invitational
2017-09-30The Reservation Tournament of Champions
2017-10-07BandBEAT: Presented by YAMAHA
2017-10-07Dillon Battle of the Bands
2017-10-07Fin-Fest Tournament of Bands
2017-10-07Palmetto “Espirit de Corps” Invitational
2017-10-07C. Philip McIntyre Tournament of Bands
2017-10-07Lowcountry Invitational
2017-10-07Bands of America Jacksonville Regional
2017-10-14Pride of Pendleton Marching Classic
2017-10-14Eagle Classic
2017-10-14Tournament of Bands
2017-10-14Bands of America Winston-Salem Regional Prelims
2017-10-14Bands of America Winston Salem Regional Finals
2017-10-21Western Carolina Tournament of Champions Finals
2017-10-21SCBDA 1A Lower State Championships
2017-10-21SCBDA 1A Upper State Championships
2017-10-21SCBDA 2A Lower State Championships
2017-10-21SCBDA 2A Upper State Championships
2017-10-21SCBDA 3A Lower State Championships
2017-10-21SCBDA 3A Upper State Championships
2017-10-21SCBDA 4A Lower State Championships
2017-10-21SCBDA 4A Upper State Championships
2017-10-21Western Carolina Tournament of Champions Prelims
2017-10-28SCBDA 1A State Championships
2017-10-28SCBDA 2A State Championships
2017-10-28SCBDA 4A State Championships
2017-10-28SCBDA 3A State Championships
2017-10-28 7:00 AMBands of America Atlanta Super Regional Prelims
2017-10-28 7:00 PMBands of America Atlanta Super Regional Finals
2017-10-28The Providence Cup
2017-11-04 1:00 PMSCBDA 5A State Championships Prelims
2017-11-04 7:00 PMSCBDA 5A State Championships Finals
2017-11-09Bands of America Grand Nationals Thursday Prelims
2017-11-10Bands of America Grand Nationals Friday Prelims
2017-11-11Bands of America Grand Nationals Semi-Finals
2017-11-11Bands of America Grand Nationals Finals