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2022 DCI Finals Results: Carolina Crown Finishes 4th

With a 96.35, SC’s own Carolina Crown finishes strong in DCI’s return to competition

Carolina Crown wrapped up their 2022 tour with a 4th place finish at the first DCI Championships event since 2019. Their 2022 production “Right Here, Right Now”, which netted the corps a 96.35, featured the following repertoire:

  • With All The Love In My Heart by Jacob Collier
  • Chandelier by Sia and Jesse Shatkin
  • Chasing the Moment by Michael Klesch, Thom Hannum, Andrew Monteiro, Jim Ancona, and Travis Peterman (original composition)
  • Benedictus by Karl Jenkins
  • Own the Moment by Andrew Monteiro and Travis Peterman (original composition)
  • Toccata Andromeda by Paul Halley 

This is Carolina Crown’s 13th consecutive top-5 finish, further cementing the corps as one of DCI’s elite.

Congratulations to Carolina Crown, as well as all marchers, both from SC and around the world, who participated in DCI’s competitive return! And of course, congratulations to the Blue Devils on an incredible 20th championship title!

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