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DCI Releases Official Statement on Information Disclosure

DCI has released an official statement in regards to the recent allegations.

DCI has published an official statement, available on their website, likely in response to allegations made to YEA (Cadets, Cadets2) and Pioneer. The statement, quoted in full below, reaffirms DCI’s position on the matter.


Drum Corps International is committed to preserving informational privacy and integrity regarding health, safety, and well-being concerns for all performers, staff, and volunteers within the DCI community. Further, DCI will strictly enforce policies that protect all individuals from any form of retaliation and will remain vigilant in safeguarding confidentiality.

As previously stated, it is neither appropriate nor judicious to discuss specific individuals or allegations publicly prior to completion of an investigation and determination of the path forward.

Working within those parameters, DCI has provided information to members of the media in response to inquiries and will continue to do so. However, DCI will not disclose full details of complaints or subsequent actions that compromise confidentiality or violate laws concerning public release of information.