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2020 Marching Realignment Details Revealed

Details for the 2020 SCBDA Marching classification’s realignment have been revealed from a number of sources

Edit: Added updated information from SCBDA

The changes will cut down on the number of 3A bands, helping even out the other classes. 

The number of bands in each class is as follows: 

  • 24 bands in 5A
  • 40 bands in 4A
  • 40 bands in 3A
  • 40 bands in 2A 
  • 56 bands in 1A

Under these changes, 5A and 4A gain 8 bands each, while 3A and 2A lose 8 bands. SCBDA will continue to utilize the 45-day enrollment numbers to determine school size. 

Realignment of bands can be found here:

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