You are currently viewing 2020 DCI Rule Proposals Announced, includes Any Instrument Policy

2020 DCI Rule Proposals Announced, includes Any Instrument Policy

DCI’s 2020 rule proposals have been revealed, including a proposal that would allow Woodwinds on the field.

To be discussed at DCI’s biennial Rules Congress by participating corps’s, the 8 proposed rule changes to the DCI rulebook have been revealed on a post on

Most notable is the Any Instrument Policy, which would allow the inclusion of Woodwinds and any other instrument, effective in 2021. Other notable proposals include allowing real-time sampling, and changes to the current adjudication system.

The eight proposals are as follows:
Brass Amplification Limitations: Prohibits the use of short-range microphones to amplify ensemble sound.
Evaluation Structure Innovation: Would pilot an evaluation system based on fan voting on Monday-Tuesday shows (with no adjudication), and rankings based on fan vote and adjudication on Wednesday-Thursday shows. Friday-Sunday shows would retain the current system.
Color Guard Sheet Enhancements: Shift the color guard rubric to include more of the “big picture and skill,” and away from “exclusive skill”
Any Instrument Policy: Any instrument is eligible in DCI. Would be effective in 2021.
Allow for Live Sampling in Real Time: Would allow groups to sample music in real time to create loops and effects during a show.
-Rules And Systems Task Force Voted On By Membership– Would include member organizations to vote on the Rules and Systems Task Force. Currently, this group is made up of members appointed by DCI’s artistic director
Scoring System Update: Would add 6 judges who would adjudicate off the field in the stands.
Sound Reinforcement Limits: Would limit sound reinforcement decibel levels based on the venue (to not exceed 110db).