You are currently viewing Band of the Week – 2019 Week 51 – Wando High School Marching Band

Band of the Week – 2019 Week 51 – Wando High School Marching Band

For 2019’s penultimate week, we are featuring the Wando High School Marching Band. They were the 2019 SCBDA 5A Champions, and also earned 3rd place finish at the highly competitive BOA Orlando Regional. This week. we reached out to marimba player Matthew Dorfner an interview.

Wando won the SCBDA 5A State Championships this year, an accomplishment that every marching band strives for, and little receive. Wando only goes to State every other year, so how does SCBDA compare to the BOA Circuit?

To me, BOA takes the cake as far as just overall effect, with getting to see national champions and standing next to them in retreat and getting to meet some of them is just so cool. it’s a surreal experience. But at state, it’s that “leave it all on the field” mentality that everyone enjoys and thrives on. I honestly can’t pick one over the other

Your band performed at Bands of America Orlando Regional. How does performing the same show from SCBDA compare to going against other states top bands?

One common misconception is that we do the same show two years in a row. We actually do a different show every year. So honestly, with Orlando being such and early competition, going up against Broken Arrow and Tarpon Springs really showed us where and what needed work, and propelled us towards state contest.

I have also heard that you have had a community performance to raise money for the band. Do you think that this type of exposure of the band draws involvement from the community, and would you recommend this to other bands?

The community performance actually raised money for the middle school bands around us (Laing, Moultrie, Cairo) none of the profits went to us. I would definitely recommend this kind of thing to other bands because the community definitely sees how much work going into these shows, and with the fundraising part, it gives the middle schools more funding so it keeps the kids involved, and wanting to continue their journey along the band kid path.

You guys only went to two competitions this year. Is this normal for you, or was this a unique experience?

This isn’t totally unique. My freshman year we went to the Atlanta super regional, and then state and that was it. Last year we went to 3 contests. The gaff net and powder springs regionals (Wando’s first ever regional championship wins), and nationals which we did the best Wando has ever done, 6th. So it’s not unique but it’s definitely a lot more time in rehearsal.

Wando’s 2019 Placements:

  • 2019 BOA Orlando Regional (3rd place, 82.05)
  • SCBDA 5A State Championships (AAAAA, 1st place, 94.50)